Why should YOU make a Will?

  • To decide who inherits your possessions property and money

  • To minimise the amount of money your estate pays to the Taxman

  • To appoint guardians for young children

  • To set up trusts for the benefit of children or to protect funds

  • Leave a legacy to charity or to make provision for a family pet

  • To make provision for your funeral

  • To ensure that anyone not named in the will is unable to make a successful claim on the estate

  • To appoint executors and trustees of your choice

  • To advise of any particular gifts to individuals or organisations

  • ’Peace of mind‘

If you do not have a Will

  • If you are not married or in a civil partnership, your partner will not inherit from you.

  • It is commonly believed that husbands and wives are automatically entitled to inherit everything from each other, but this is not the case.

  • You cannot prevent certain members of your family benefiting from your estate.

  • If you die ‘intestate’ (without a Will), this means that your possessions will be distributed according to the law of intestate.

  • Absence of a Will can cause problems, heartbreak, financial hardship and unnecessary expense for your family at the very worst possible time.

  • If you have a complicated family structure then with no Will, family disputes will arise